EES was created to influence community positively, and to alleviate the social challenges that our public and private institutions systems undergo. This is an intricate part of EES’s missio​n, and this organization works diligently to secure the resources required to do just that. EES has committed to not only working with the youth but having constant parental involvement in the process. Parents of refugee and immigrant youth in the Greensboro area are often in need of support, living and raising children in a new society. This includes language support, educational and health care advisement and providing transportation.

EES also gives local college students and community learners an opportunity for academic and professional development through service-learning opportunities. We have provided a multitude of opportunities including tutoring and mentoring, professional development workshops, and leadership projects to work on toward the continued development of this new, impact focused organization.

To address needs within the community Elimu Empowerment Services-EES developed impactful community programs and workshops for adults and community service providers. These programs were created with collaboration from college student mentors and tutors from NCA&T, UNCG, Guilford Collage, and some from the partnership with American Friends Service Committee, and another volunteer Community member.

Elimu Empowerment Services Programs

I. Elimu Advocacy Program

II. Women of Africa Leadership Coalition

III. Community Refugees Awareness Workshops

       1. Cross Culture Competes Workshop

       2. Schools and English as a Second Language Educators Workshop

Elimu Empowerment Services requires all volunteers, mentors, and tutors to complete a day-long cultural sensitivity training workshop to assure the success of the volunteer/client relationship.

IV. Elimu Learning Center-ELC afterschool program.

Co-founder Ombeni Idassi Biology Premed major NCA&T class of 2015,

within ELC following programs were developed:

      (1) Elimu Girls Room Mentoring Program for 4th – 12th grade girls.

Created by Kammikia Barnes, Biology major NCA&T class of 2020.

     (2) Elimu Men of Character Mentoring Program for 4th – 12th grade boys

          Created by Jeffrey Shelton, Chemistry major NCA&T class of 2021.

     (3) Elimu Bridging the Gap and Saturday Academy college-readiness program for middle and high                      school students’ Co-founder Vidah Otieno

     (4) Elimu Community Engagement and Impact, a community awareness program

          Co-founder American Friends Service Committee

     (5) Elimu Literacy Program

          Created by Kayla Fointno Special Education major NCA&T class of 2019 and Christopher Owens                    NCA&T class of 2020.

     (6) Elimu Enrichment Summer Camp

        Co-founder Bonner Center for Community Service at Guilford College

“Our students success depends on Elimu (Education).”