2020 Recipient of

The Community Partnership Award

It is with much excitement that I share you have been selected as the 2020 recipient of the Community Partnership award. I want to thank and congratulate you for all of your work in the community; providing educational support for our K-12 population. This was our first year offering this award category, and your work with Elimu has set a high standard for future applicants.

Best regards,

Bryle Henderson Hatch, Ph.D.

Executive Director for Community Engagement

Office of Community Engagement

North Carolina A&T State University

About Us

Elimu Empowerment Services’ purpose is:

 To expose refugees and immigrants to educational and social support opportunities available in the Triad and our communities as well as helping parents understand what their children are doing and what they will require in order to become college ready.

 To educate adult refugees and immigrants through workshops and seminars on resources which are available to the community.

 To spread awareness to other agencies that serve immigrant populations on cultural competency through seminars and workshops.

 To collaborate with various sectors in the city to provide services to refugees and immigrants.

Our Mission

The mission of Elimu Empowerment Services (EES) is to empower the growing refugee and immigrant population in the Triad by providing opportunities for them to learn the skills they need to succeed in new communities. We are dedicated to provide services and create tools that will aide refugees and immigrants to be able to adjust to their new environment. With the aim to provide educational supports to young men and women and reduce social gaps within the community.

Our Vision

 To empower the immigrant and refugee population through education

 To assist the immigrant and refugee population to assimilate/acculturate in their new surrounding environment

 To assist the immigrant youth improve in the educational skills.

 To be recognized as leaders in building the capacity in the triad and United State of America.