About Us

Elimu Empowerment Services’ purpose is:

 To expose refugees and immigrants to educational and social support opportunities available in the Triad and our communities as well as helping parents understand what their children are doing and what they will require in order to become college ready.

 To educate adult refugees and immigrants through workshops and seminars on resources which are available to the community.

 To spread awareness to other agencies that serve immigrant populations on cultural competency through seminars and workshops.

 To collaborate with various sectors in the city to provide services to refugees and immigrants.

Meet our Founder/CEO

Esther Idassi is the founder of Elimu Empowerment Services (EES) and a Director of Elimu Learning Center. EES addresses the quality of life challenges faced by refugee individuals who are new to the country. As a first generation immigrant herself, Esther holds dear issues that affect immigrant community. Esther serves as a committee member of the Welcoming Greensboro Initiative that worked with Greensboro City Council to unanimously pass a resolution declaring Greensboro to be a "Welcoming City", part of a national movement to create more welcoming and supportive communities for immigrants and refugees. She is collaborating with Guilford County Schools providing Advocacy, Interpretation and Translation for Swahili, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, French and Arabic speaking parents and students.

Esther Idassi is a Commissioner where she is a Vice Chair and Chair of International Advisory Committee for the City of High Point Human Relations Commission. Esther holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Accounting from the University of Phoenix Nashville Campus and a diploma in Automated Accounting from Knoxville State Tech School. She also holds a Certificate of Bookkeeping from Dar-es-Salaam School of Accountancy. Esther has received numerous other certificates of recognition and attendance including but not limited to Change Agent from Impact Greensboro Leadership Program; Leadership from Education Alliance of Guilford County; United Way Board Development Project and a Certificate of Accomplishment in Women On Board, Women in Office Program, and Fellow Program from Institute Of Political Leadership.

Meet our Founder/CEO

Dear Ms. Idassi,

Congratulations for being recognized as a candidate for the News & Record’s 2017 Woman of the Year Award.

Although you were not selected as the finalist from a large number of distinguished candidates, the nomination honors you as an extraordinary woman who has made a difference in the Greensboro community.

Attached is a copy of your nomination which demonstrates how you have inspired Reverend Linda Fatlin to submit an application on your behalf.

The News & Record would again like to congratulate you for being recognized as a worthy candidate for Woman of the Year. We applaud you for your efforts and wish you the best as you continue to make an impact on others. Thank you for your contributions.


Janet Crink

Events Coordinator

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Our Mission

The mission of Elimu Empowerment Services (EES) is to empower the growing refugee and immigrant population in the Triad by providing opportunities for them to learn the skills they need to succeed in new communities. We are dedicated to provide services and create tools that will aide refugees and immigrants to be able to adjust to their new environment. With the aim to provide educational supports to young men and women and reduce social gaps within the community.

Our Vision

 To empower the immigrant and refugee population through education

 To assist the immigrant and refugee population to assimilate/acculturate in their new surrounding environment

 To assist the immigrant youth improve in the educational skills.

 To be recognized as leaders in building the capacity in the triad and United State of America.